Soyul: a2c-gratitude - Caparrel Classico S

Good morning! It's been months! I've played a song called a2c-gratitude! I still feel sorry for raising ..! PS: I can not wait to see what you're trying to do. ^^ PS: The guitar is the Caparrel Classico S, and the Revo Top is also on the back, but I can not see it. ㅠㅠ Thank you very much, Mr. Levo Top! I would like to thank Oe-jae (^^) and Jae-hal (ㅋ) who have given me a lot of gratitude and advice for me and Ree May who gave me free rental of helix! ... I do not remember, but I will continue to look for better videos! (It's a long time, so it's nice to have a smile all the time!) - [Gimhae] I will come to play guitar Cafe

soyul)a2c-gratitude cover