Jassy J: TRIVIUM - Dying In Your Arms with Nik Nocturnal

Trivium - Dying In Your Arms - Album: Ascendancy (2005) guitar cover by Nik Nocturnal & Jassy J =) Want to win a 500€ shopping spree? 🎸🎧😱 Then follow this link! https://reverb.grsm.io/jassy-j-giveaway
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ENG: Soooo I have been praciticing a lot and since I've always wanted to do a Trivium cover you get a Trivium Cover!!! A special thanks to Nik Nocturnal for teaming up with me!!! Have fun! \m/

DEU: Da ich grade viel übe und schon immer was von Trivium covern wollte bekommt ihr heute ein Trivium Cover!! Besonderen Dank an Nik Nocturnal für die schöne Collab! Viel Spaß!!

TRIVIUM - Dying In Your Arms [GUITAR COVER] with SOLO | Jassy J & Nik Nocturnal