Gill Montgomery, Hannah McKay, Heather McKay: THE AMORETTES - new track taken from the forthcoming album "Born To Break"

Yvette Young: JamPlay Guitar Lesson: Guitar Tapping (Math Rock // Progressive)

Christie Lenée: Dance of the Wolves and Send it to the Sky

Jassy J: Eluveitie - Thousandfold

Yuki: "Lost Block" / D_Drive Live 2018

Nili Brosh: Chorus and Line from New Song

Nina Yakimenko: Review of strings from the titalon

Karmen Stendler: Macedonian Girl by Miroslav Tadić on a Francois Leonard 2018

Laura Humer: 5A, F. Carulli: Etüde - Moderato op. 241/1

Marcela Campos: chance to jam with Guthrie Govan

Andrea González Caballero: Prelude BWV 1006a J. S. Bach on a Antonio Marin Montero 2017

Laura Cox: By the Sword cover - Slash