Arielle: Devil's Disguise - from new EP, Mind Lion

Bridget Mermikides: Cantata No.22 J.S.Bach and Casta Diva

Illona Bolou: announces - Baton Rouge Guitars artist appearance at Frankfurt Musikmesse 2018

Rebecca Scammon: video game music. I couldn't resist playing the theme from one of my favorite video games!

Chorom Hahm: STREET FIGHTER- Cammy Theme - Carparelli guitar classico SH2

Ji-hyun Oh: Otonina plays Otonatic - Holdsworth Carvin!

Sally: LIPSTICK 'Sally Yutaro Road' Wolf Ryuusa

Soyul: X japan - endless rain solo cover

Shi Eun Yeo: G5 project a2c - gratitude cover

Rachelf: My Ultimate Gear Video - All of My Instruments!

Rebecca Lovell, Megan Lovell: Larkin Poe | The Band Cover ("Ophelia")

Juna Serita: Juna in California digest video

Patty Gurdy: "Over the Hills and Far Away"

Molly Tuttle, Allison de Groot: Bregottlåten & Road to Westfield - NimbleFingers 2017

Kim Ye In: Shaun Martin - Yellow Jacket - covered by Dream Session

Yuna Choi: MARMELLO - Guitar solo medley