Be, Meana, Chad: Mutant Monster - Abnormal - [official Music Video] Full Version

Emily Hastings: One of the Most Beautiful Romantic Songs Ever Made

Alysha Moore: Otherside by RHCP [Bass Cover]

Adunbee: Leave It Alone - Mark Tremonti

Marcela Campos: Sunny Jam

Heather Gillis: The Heather Gillis Band 2018 03 31 Boca Raton, Florida - The Funky Biscuit - Prayer's In The Smoke

Rachelf: Ever Dream - Nightwish (Guitar Cover)

Alex Schmeia: Europe - The Final Countdown guitar solo by Alex S

Antra Lante: demos Yamaha THR10

Anastasia B: Saint Veronika - Billy Talent Guitar Cover

Irina Ignatyuk: performs "Erato" live.

Lari Basílio: WAHt? Cry, baby! ;) 535Q Mini, by Dunlop.

Melanie Faye, Bibi McGill: with Jay Z's Bassist Dammo and Beyonce's Guitarist Bibi McGill

Tora Nagumanova: Tremonti - Leave It Alone