Nili Brosh: Soloing in 13/8

Shelley Walker, Laura Ozholl: JOANovARC at Killarney Bike festival soundcheck 2018

Poliana Magalhães: Lettuce - Lettsanity [Bass line]

Magda Azzilonna: Autumn Leaves - GuitBass Duo with Angelo Basile

Prika Amaral: Nervosa - Downfall Of Mankind | Napalm Records part 1 and 2

Rachelf: Rats - Ghost (Guitar Solo Cover)

Federica Golisano: Eruption - Van Halen - 13 Year Old

Vimolwan Saisathit: Highway Star - Cover PettyRock

Carina Alfie: New theme inspired by Tara. Goddess of compassion and detachment

Ada Kaczanowska: Pantera - 5 minutes alone