Talia Bellazecca: Frozen Crown - live Arci Tom 2018

Xen Ritter: Pokerface - Creepy Guests [Official Video]

Mio Jäger, Milla Olsson: Frantic Amber live at club ''Smile'' Varna 20.04.2017

Aleksandra Stamenković: Jenner - Factory of Death

Aleksandra Petrović, Tijana Milivojević: Nemesis - Uprising and Vengeance - Death Metal Fate!

Romana Kalkuhl, Alea Wyss: Burning Witches - Black Widow (Official Video)

Sandra Stensen: Nekrodelirium - Grief "Official Music Video" - doesn't get much heavier than this

Elise Ecklund: I played every guitar in Guitar Center

Robyn Ferguson: "Broken Glass Reflection" Guitar Playthrough

Prika Amaral: NERVOSA - Never Forget, Never Repeat

Cheza Taylor: with Derek Taylor melt faces performing Wanted Man (RATT).

Jen Majura: Evanescence - Thomann Sessions

Böse Fuchs: Skillet and Megaherz - 4k / Multi Camera Covers