Felicia Villani, Amelia Gioiello: Allison Chains: Junkhead - Live at the Whisky a Gogo

Nina Shreds: You Can´t Change Me (Original)

Kim Yoon: with Lee Yeon Jun - Nathan East - Sir Duke - Dream Sessions X

Hyun-Ji Kim: 김현지 - Lakland US Custom 44-94 Deluxe

Haruka Noma: ASTERISM - Warning - BATTLE SESSION and Kick Starter project

Erja Lyytinen: Festival Blues Berry Ambrault France 2018

Caterina Crucitti: "You must believe in Spring" Eddie Gomez Bass Solo

Federica Golisano: Beat It - Michael Jackson - on point solo!

Juliana Wilson: Metallica - Master Of Puppets (Solos)

Alex Schmeia: Slipknot - Before I Forget guitar