Becky Baldwin: Hands Off Gretel - Live at The Great British Alternative Festival Oct 2018

Jassy J: Q&A means: no guitar cover requests here!

Romana Kalkuhl, Alea Wyss: Burning Witches - Holy Diver - ripping live performance

Nita Strauss: Our Most Desperate Hour (Official Music Video)

Nita Strauss, Nicole Papastavrou, Alicia Vigil: We Start Wars - Whisky A Go Go, West Hollywood 2017

Alex Snowden: Doll Skin - Baby’s Breath, Puncha Nazi @Whisky A Go Go, West Hollywood 2017

Alicia Vigil: Vigil of War—Choke 27Oct2018 @Bar Sinister, Hollywood

Nita Strauss: Number of the Beast with Tony MacAlpine Lucky Strike and the late Jill Janus - 18Jan2017

Courtney Cox, Nikki Stringfield: The Iron Maidens - Phantom of the Opera, Alexander the Great, Still Life and Aces High Live @ Reverb - Reading, PA 2018

Francesca Simone: Michael Jackson - Beat It Guitar Solo

Becky Baldwin: Doctor Doctor - UFO bass tutorial video with Bristol Rock Guitar

Shauvia: Rave in the Grave

Courtney Cox, Nikki Stringfield: Iron Maidens-Salt Lake City 2018

Jackie Venson: Cover My Eyes Live in Studio

Alexandra Zerner: Diamind (Guitar Playthrough)

Sally: Lipstick - Drop Down from Halloween Night ~ @ Kichijoji CRESCENDO 2018