Magdalena Yantahtova: Polyphia - Euphoria

Joan Gong: Polyphia "G.O.A.T" riff

Tash Wolf: Crazy Gnarls Barkley

Liheia Metzengerstein: The Faceless - The Ancient Covenant

Böse Fuchs: Unzucht - Unzucht Guitar Cover [4K / MULTICAMERA]

Leticia Filizzola: Agosto - D'Angelico Delux

Mercédesz Tóth: Trivium - The Sin And The Sentence guitar cover by Merci

Simone van Straten, Emmelie Herwegh: Sisters of Suffocation - Pre-Order "Humans Are Broken"

Kanon, Hull, Fumi: Accent - Challenge Silent Siren "k Ni Fe" Band Edition!

Yana Kokh: Guns N' Roses - Sweet Child O'Mine