Bridget Mermikides: Pie Jesu from Faure Requiem for solo guitar

Joanne Shaw Taylor: Rig Rundown

Carol Silcs: Estado de Graça - Preto No Branco • Intro

Alicia Marie: Groove Tone - Peavey HP Special Guitar Jam

Emma Ruth Rundle: Rig Rundown -

Marissa Paternoster: Rig Rundown - Screaming Females

Cherry Glazerr: Rig Rundown Trailer

Anastasia B: Te Mato - Mestis 8 String Guitar - 13 year old

Samantha Fish: Nearer to you 2019

Jiwon Han: SusBass Custom Jazzbass

Be, Meana, Chad: Mutant Monster - Another great live music performance in Hong Kong!

Sybil Grace: Working on some new tapping techniques

Anna Mylee: Gemini by DORJA (Drum play-along)

Claire Genoud: In Flames - Zombie Inc. (solo Cover)

Sophie Burrell: VS Shred Wars: Jared Dines

Yvette Young: Caroline Guitar Co. Somersault Lo-Fi Modulator at Chicago Music Exchange

Andressa Marques: Mouxi plays Ner Ner intro (Guthrie Govan)

Chloe: Rockloe - Soloing on the Combo Black Spirit 200

Ayu Gusfanz: Nightmare - Avenged Sevenfold

Sakura Yoshida: Dragon Force / Seasons

Ana Vidovic: Live Concert - Classical Guitar Recital Baden-Baden

Angela Petrilli: Guitar of the Day: 1999 Martin D-45 | Guest Host

Nadia Kossinskaja: G.-F. Händel (1685-1759) „Chaconne“

Ravyn Bedard: American Band - Grand Funk Railroad Jam

Gabby Logan: The TxLips Band x Juneteenth Festival Atl

Saki: Mary's Blood「HIGH-5」5th Album CONFESSiONS

Iree: 아이리 Rolling Girlz - Kurenai (X-Japan cover)

Mina Taicho: FATE GEAR Megabullets

Colby Benson, Shelby Benson, Carthi Benson, Faith Benson: Crimson Apple - "Somebody"

Lari Basílio: Far more, the new album and Soloing Over An Emotional Backing Track

Nao: It To The Universe - Man with Mission

Jassy J: Sabaton - Fields of Verdun with Solo

Böse Fuchs: Rammstein - Zeig Dich Multi

Gretchen Menn: Déjà Vu solo

Sophie Lloyd: Fender Performer Series Strat Solo & Review

Libby Butterworth-Smith: Desensitised at Rock City 2019

Samantha Fish: Bulletproof (official Video)

Gumiho: 구미호 - Tom A Toes - In the Summer (late part) / Shinchon Rolling Stones

Jackie Venson: Back to Earth by Jackie Venson

Hiroka Takeda: BAND-MAID "Daydreaming" guitar solo cover

Laurie Buchanan, Gill Montgomery, Josie O’Toole, Jacinta Jaye : Tequila Mockingbyrd Live at SOS Festival Prestwich 14 July 2019

Yulia Volkonskaya: Extreme - Cynical and Meshuggah - Pravus

Alexandra Zerner: Coniunctio & Semisextilis (Opening for Dream Theater in Sofia, Bulgaria)

Shelley Walker, Laura Ozholl, Keira Kenworthy: JOANovARC performing "Sweet Child of Mine" at Killarney Bike fest 2019

Marina Takahashi: Mooer Preamp Live

Chorom Hahm: H.E.A.T - We Will Never Die solo by chorom hahm (guitar: 함초롬)

Polly Money: Space Jams No.3

Muriel Anderson, Nadia Kossinskaja: Valse Peruano - Venezolano