Sonia Nusselder: takes you on a journey of her t-shirt collection of rare and vintage t-shirts

Includes some metalshirts that are older than myself haha, such as the Sodom one. I have many more but I will showcase them on the PART 2, if people enjoy the PART 1! And yes, I do listen to/know all these bands. Some of the shirts I bought myself, and some are gifts from friends! :)
⚡ ~ I'm an 20 year old guitarist, bassplayer & music maniac.
⚡ ~ Endorsed by Jackson Guitars & EMG pick-ups artist & Luciferothica jewellery.
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BAND T-SHIRTS COLLECTION || PART 1 (+ vintage/rare)

BAND T-SHIRTS COLLECTION || PART 2 (+ vintage/rare)