Eliana Cargnelutti: Blue Ruin - 2AM

Made up of footage from our first European tour https://www.facebook.com/weareblueruin/

Charlotte Tybalt - Vocals
Anna Smashy - Drums
Eliana Cargnelutti - Guitar
Elettra Pizzale - Bass

"This all-female outfit is a band on the rise and their performance did more than enough to validate their reputation as an emerging force on the Kiwi rock scene.."

“Blue Ruin: Ones to watch, this girl band almost stole the show at the Misfits gig."
Galatos Live - MISFITS @ GALATOS

"Kudos to the promoter who had the insight to put Cheshire Grimm and Blue Ruin on the bill. Both Kiwi bands were obviously influenced by The Runaways, particularly the 5-piece, all female Blue Ruin, who also dressed for the part as well. Both bands rocked impressively, keeping the crowd happy until Currie made her appearance." - 13th Floor - CHERIE CURRIE @ KINGS ARMS

Blue Ruin is a punk-inspired band comprised of 5 rad, bad, babes in Auckland, New Zealand. Our sound is influenced by various genres including punk, hardcore, pop-punk, hard rock, riot grrrl and metal.

We have been gigging since September 2015, and have since opened for international acts such as Steel Panther, Misfits, Buckcherry and Cherie Currie for two of her New Zealand shows.

We enjoy rocking out, not taking things to seriously, but with awareness in our lyrics of issues like anxiety, sexism, relationships, and societal expectations. Even if it takes form in nonsensical fun, like girls who live in outerspace.

Blue Ruin - 2AM