Yvette Young: EarthQuaker Session Covet and Ring Road Live Sessions

Covet came to EarthQuaker Studios and laid down a session of their tune "Howl". Warden Optical Compressor stays on for Yvette's guitar and David's bass the entire time. David also rocks a Space Spiral extensively, adding depth to the low end. Cameo appearances by Westwood Translucent Drive Manipulator, Avalanche Run, Swiss Things, and both sides of the Hoof Reaper! Enjoy a melodic window into the minds of these progressive wizards.

Video: Chris Tran
Audio: Jeff France

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EarthQuaker Session: Covet - "Howl" | EarthQuaker Devices

Covet (Yvette Young) - Hydra (Ring Road Live Sessions)

Covet (Yvette Young) - Sea Dragon (Ring Road Live Sessions)