Maru Martinez: Something i'm working on :)

Yuki: D_Drive information UK live date!

Marion Gaillard: Intrepid Spade - This is an extract from a composition that explores fusion-rock style.

Becky Baldwin: S.A.S.S - Hands off Gretel Bass Play Through

Liheia Metzengerstein: Death - 1000 Eyes - guitar cover

Mary Spender: These electric guitars are made out of STEEL!

Jane Getter: Back my new album campaign on Indiegogo!

Cristina Pena: Lost Minnow - Mystical forest

Simge Arda: Shape Of My Heart - Dominic Miller/Sting

Loida Liuzzi: Redneck - Lamb Of God

Lizzy Black: Veil of Maya - Aeris (Guitar Cover - by Lizzy Black)

Mercédesz Tóth: with Attila Voros - Pantera - New Level

Nili Brosh: with Paul Gilbert, Andy Timmons, Andy Wood, Mark Lettieri! NAMM '19

Andressa Marques: Mouxi - I Remember You (Skid Row) -

Li-sa-X: Looking back my memories -

Eva Kourtes: Just Listen...

Jassy J: Trivium - Strife [guitar Cover] with Solo 4 K |

Sophie Burrell: Dust - Tremonti

Jinny Kim: EXO - TEMPO