Simona Malandrino: Stratocaster '61 Replica - Rufini Guitars

Jane Getter: Surprised Guitar Play through

Laurie Buchanan: Hotel California - Solo

Mohini Dey: Alex Gialombardo - Squared marbles

Marina Krupkina: sad song on 10 string guitar

Sakura Yoshida: Blazblue / Rebellion Ⅱ

Emmelie Herwegh: Sisters of Suffocation - War in My Head with Tabs

Gretchen Menn: Zepparella - The Commonwealth Room - Salt Lake City 2019

Simona Soddu: Smoke on the water - Guitar Solo

LorePaz: Consequences - LoremaryluGT

Ally Venable: Blues Caravan Broken Live @ Salle Eden France 2019

Chloé: Metallica - Nothing Else Matters Solo - Deneuville Guitar

Akari: "Welcome To The Jungle" bass

Tatiana Pará: Freedom (Robben Ford) live

Tal Wilkenfeld: Paste Studio NYC live from The Manhattan Centre

Emily Hastings: The Story Behind my Gibson Les Paul

Jackie Venson: Live on Thursdays

Bonnie Bloomgarden: Death Valley Girls - Abre camino - Live Paris 2019

Lari Basílio: City Lights

Jassy J: Metallica - Battery with Solo

Sydney Ellen: New Music Announcement!

Diana Rein: "Yes I Sing the Blues" (Trailer) - Album: Queen of My Castle

Sophie Burrell: Hail to The King - Avenged Sevenfold

JiYeon Lee: Michael Wagner - Hot Mustard and Mike Stern - Chromazone

Yuki: WeROCK voll.069 D_Drive のお題フレーズ

Nili Brosh: with Zepparella - Reno Show Live Highlights! February '19