Gretchen Menn: Zepparella - Sweetwater Music Hall 2019

Lari Basílio: TC Electronic Interview and performance

Yasi Hofer: Downhill from the new Album Freedom.

Ayu Gusfanz: Friday Mourning - tribute to those who lost their lives Christchurch New Zealand

Maria Barbieri : Lark's Tongues In Aspic Part Two - King Crimson - By Maria Barbieri Reflection Trio

Federica Golisano: Burn - Deep Purple - Solo Guitar Cover 14 Years OLD

Nita Strauss,: Shred Wars: Jared Dines VS Nita Strauss

Jen Majura: The Helix Hour - S3E6 Line 6 Artist Jen Majura

Shelley Walker, Laura Ozholl: JOANovARC performing "JANE" at Robin2 Dec 2018

Reba Meyers: Code Orange ESP Guitars: LTD Signature Series RM-600

Emily Wolfe: Gibson at a Crossroads | Moving Forward by Looking Back | Clapton's 1964 ES-335

Rachelf: Ghost - Ritual (Cover)

Yuika Kakeda: RagDöllz - “【∅】-Zero- ” Official Music Video

Ely Garbo: Massive Attack - Teardrop ( Acoustic loop cover )