Lari Basílio: Suhr PT15 IR with Pete Thorn

Jessica Kaline: Dream Theater - This Is The Life - great job!

ICE: Reclaim from the upcoming album

Ravyn Bedard: New Frame - Guitar Solo

Haruka Noma: Asterism - Light In The Darkness 2019

Jennifer Batten: Head Trips and World Travel

Zarina Rybakova: The Weeknd - Can't feel my face - Electric Guitar Solo of Kfir Ochaion

Sophie Burrell: Back In Black - AC/DC *SOLO* |

Soyul: Breaking The Law - Judas Priest guitar cover

Noelle dos Anjos: Joe Satriani - Ten Words Guitar Cover |

Tara Lynch: Live in Nottingham, UK - “exit the Warrior” and “banished from My Kingdom”

Sonia Nusselder: QUEEN - Bohemian Rhapsody (SOLO guitar cover)

Becky Baldwin: New Headstock Tuner from D'Addario

Alicia Marie: Johnny Copeland Tribute on a Peavey T-60 Guitar

Rachel G: Ain't No Mountain High Enough

Jassy J: Ibanez 2019 Axion Label Guitars - Unboxing & Overview

Simone Van Straten, Emmelie Herwegh, Puck Wildschut: Sisters Of Suffocation - Blood On Blood guitar and bass playthrough