Joan Cat: Depeche Mode - Policy Of Truth - instrumental loop

Erin Coburn: Masks On and Long Way to Go | Erin Coburn at Buddy Guy's Legends

Sarah Michelle, Becky Baldwin, Rosie Botterill: Dorja - Use You (Acoustic / The Mattock Lane Jam)

Jassy J: Slipknot - Aov with Nik Nocturnal

Melyananda Putu: Barasuara - Pikiran dan Perjalanan

MIYU: Somebody's voice〜short version

Genessa Gariano, Lydia Night: The Regrettes - Dress Up

Madrigal: One-Eyed Jack and Lighthouse Rise

Tomoko Tanaka: Go!Go! - The Making of "Paradise Guitars!!" vol.4 "Spain" & "taste of Honey"

Tina Guo, Saya Gray: The Dark Forest [String Section Isolated Version]

Soyul: Air on the G string Rock version

Bruna Terroni: Highway Star Solo by Volkana version