Kiyoshi Manii: The End (Live)

Bruna Terroni: Crazy Little Thing Solo

Chena Ohanele: Pantera - Cemetery Gates Solo

Sarah Rogo: History with this Gibson ES-225 played by Bob Dylan | Norman's Rare Guitars

Eva Vergilova: Pink Floyd -On the Turning Away - Cheapcaster!

Nina Shreds: Teaser for my new song

Hwang Sang Yoon: with John Cale

Helena Kotina: Bullet for my Valentine - Waking the demon

Saima Zakir: Alan Murphy - 'Haunted' Guitar Solo

Chorom Hahm: illusions - 설명

Joanna Connor: Chicago Blues Festival 2019

Jackie Venson: New Orleans Festival June 2019

Leticia Praxedes: Demi Lovato - Heart Attack | Guitar Cover

Madrigal: The Devil's Clang

Sydney Ellen: Beginner Guitar Chord Exercise - F C Am G

Kara Grainger: Greeley Blues Jam, Greeley, CO - 2019

Isa Nielsen: Slide (official Video)

Jen Majura: SEVI featuring Jen Majura - To Hell and Back

Marina Krupkina, Irina Alexandrova: with Zhiger Azhiev - N. Koshkin - Sonata for 2 guitars and decacorde

Liz DeYoe: Evelyn Avenue

Iree: Rolling Girlz - Metallica, Avril Lavigne - Fuel Live

Jen Majura: M_VLOG #13 YouTube about YouTubers at #TGU19 plus Fight for the light ll Something On 11