Eva Vergilova: GENDEM - part of one of new instrumentals

Chelsea Constable: Suhr Aura Demo and La Grange - ZZ Top/Billy Gibbons Outro Solo

Laura Lāce: Bach in Rock

Courtney Cox: Talking Shred with CC Shred

Yujin Heo: 허유진 AC/DC - Back In Black Guitar Cover

Sherry Lin: Floating in Space

Aiko: CREA 『Reincarnation』- Music Video -

Yasmin Williams: Dragonfly original piano tapping

April Cox: Righteous (Eric Johnson)

Sarah Longfield: What if Vin Diesel fronted a Deathcore Band?

Nili Brosh: New Single - Primal Feels - Official Music Video

Abby Clutario: Ditto - an original Stick Instrumental

Christina Sandsengen: In Moments of Solitude by Ole Bull

Sophie Burrell: Top 10 Mark Tremonti Solos | Sophie Burrell

Emily Hastings: with Warleyson Almeida - GET OUT | Original Song

Laura Cox: Bad Luck Blues (Official Video)

Yvette Young: with Mark Holcomb Teach Each Other Riffs | Reverb

Li-sa-X, YoYo: Guitar Live@music China 2019 - Shanghai

Amy Love, Georgia South: Nova Twins - Full Concert - Street Mode Thessaloniki Greece

Dany6strings: Sad emotional theme for chilling out

Simone Dow: Voyager - Colours [Official Music Video]