Sakura Yoshida: Judas Priest / Between The Hammer&The Anvil

Yasi Hofer: "Freedom" - written by Yasi Hofer

Jasmine Star: Tornado of Souls (Megadeth) -

Cynthia Bachmoore: Yngwie Malmsteen - Brothers

Nikki Stringfield: When The Devil Comes Down

Lisa Reed: Dokken - Breaking the Chains Solo Cover

She Rocks: The Prog Panel Pt.10 - She Rocks

Simge Arda: Smooth - Carlos Santana Guitar Cover

Anna Sentina: The Goodbye Melody - BASS Closeup

Julia Smith: How does it feel? - D'angelo - Guitar Cover

Alexa Tannert: X-Hells , Treffpunkt Neu Isenburg, 2019

Sherry Lin: Just Funky (Tomo Fujita) cover by 小歐Sherry

Jess Lewis: 2019 - it all adds... Parallel Universe Telecaster

Melanie Faye: Covers Miguel Burney on Guitar