B: Vinnie Moore - Rain - Cover by B

Jess Lewis: Wondaful Slidey Twang

Maru Martinez: Tutorial: How To Use Bias FX 2

Beth Cannon: You Shook Me All Night Long - AC/DC Guitar Solo Cover

Sapphire Ng: POLYPHIA: Tim Henson, Scott Lepage Guitar Masterclass

Sarah Longfield: Making a song with impossible chords!

Samantha Fish: Knuckleheads, Kansas City, MO - 10/11/19

Yujin Heo: 허유진 with HaeChan Park - BEN - 180 Degree Guitar

Laura Cox: "Fire Fire" Solo

Keisandeath: [Complete cover] X Japan

Anouck André: HIRAETH : Acoustic Composition, Anouck André

Emily Hastings: LAST TIME- Original Song

Magda Azzilonna: Cowboys from Hell guitar solo - Pantera

Chelsea Constable: Parasite - KISS - Halloween Edition - "Live Classic Band Series"

Ami Inoi: / An Malvina - J.K.Mertz

Jassy J: White Wolf - Oversense Feat. Triss Merigold [original Song Guitar Playthrough]

Stephanie Bradley: with Artiphon plays the Exorcist (Metal) Theme with Steven

Jasmine Star: Tide first track released

Luana Bomb: Panndora - False Excuses

Mercédesz Tóth: Merci - Pantera - Shattered

Andressa Marques: Mouxi - The Scarecrow (Avantasia)