Gretchen Menn: Etudes Simples No. 6 / Venice

Batten - Menn - Brosh
The Chapel SF - Nov. 6, 2019

Gretchen Menn performs "Etudes Simples No. 6" (by Leo Brouwer) and her not released yet preview of "Venice" from her next album work that features harp-style harmonics.

Video recorded with Panasonic Lumix DC-ZS70
Room recording audio mix from TASCAM DR-40X

Performed here with the Gretchen Menn Trio
Guitar: Gretchen Menn
Drums: Thomas Perry
Bass: Anna Pfeifer

Gretchen Menn Etudes Simples No. 6 / Venice (The Chapel SF - 11/6/19)