Nikki Stringfield: Robbs Metal Works 2019

In a musical landscape filled with promising talent, I've come to one solid conclusion: success in the music industry goes far beyond how well you sing or play your instrument; there are many other elements that come into play like: vision, work ethic, loyalty, relationships, smarts & a whole lotta luck! And sometimes when fate plays itself out we come across those special people,, as I end out 2019 I couldn't have been more blessed than to bring you guitarist AND vocalist, Nikki Stringfield! In the interview below you will hear us discuss Nikki's early upbringing in Red Oak, Texas & how her journey led her to the University of Texas in Austin, then on to Los Angeles. We shed light on her musical transformation as she joined LA based bands Before The Mourning & The Iron Maidens & how her drive to create solo endeavors has paid off. Next, we discuss all the beautiful details about her NEW solo EP, 'Harmonies For The Haunted', which is a magnificent piece of work,...her signature Schecter Guitars & lastly, working with SA legend, Patrick Kennison (who jumps into this interview) in Heaven Below. It all makes up for a historical piece of work, which I know will be viewed & respected around the world. I want to send gratitude to my bro, David Castillo for helping me work out all logistics, to my primo, Rock n' Roll Rick, for shooting a great one, to Samuel Gaytan for taking photos & to ALL our NEW Followers who have jumped on board waiting for this. SHARE it,...& DON'T go anywhere - more to come in 2020! Happy New Year! ~ El Mero Metal

NIKKI STRINGFIELD on Robbs MetalWorks 2019