Jassy J: My Chemical Romance - Helena

My Chemical Romance - Helena (So Long Goodnight) - Album: Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge (2004) guitar cover by Jassy
💗 Happy Friday 13th xD 💗 Actually I missed my opportunity to cover an Ice Nine Kills song... but maybe next time haha! Helena has also been a song that was frequently requested by you guys since I uploaded my guitar cover of "Welcome To The Black Parade" back in 2015. I found a guitarless backing track and thought I might give it a try now since my tone got better 🔥 However I couldn't figure out the exact timing that much since it's really hard to hear. Nevertheless I played all the guitar parts except for the high harmony during the verse as this would have crashed the mix completely xD Tried out a new filter and a different approach to this cover video-wise.
HOPE YOU ENJOOOOOYY!!! 🤘💗 I need to tell you that I cannot promise any song requests made on YouTube. Furthermore I would appreciate a comment about my current guitar cover I posted and not something like "please cover xy". I know you want me to play different songs but it feels to me like my current work isn't appreciated ;) So please if you want to post requests check out my Patreon page! I cannot accept any more suggestions since I stopped counting after 500+ requests on YouTube, so forgive me! XD

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