Jassy J: 5 WAYS to play AC/DC's THUNDERSTRUCK |

Five ways to play AC/DC - Thunderstruck!
🔥 HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANGUS YOUNG! 🔥 I found some programmed drums and added bass plus rhythm guitars myself for the backingtrack. So all you hear (except for the drums) is me! =) Also I want to apologize for the lead sound... I never used the SG with BIAS before so I did struggle a lot to get Angus' tone. As I thought I don't want to tweak too much, I just kept the audio a raw one-shot (along the moving cam recording. The picking hand cam is a second one running in the meantime) and dealt with the sound I could get of the guitar xD I know that it might be too much gain/distortion(?) but there is a turning point where it was too much/not enough right away xD Which was a bit annoying! So any tips or recommended presets in BIAS for the AC DC sound are most welcome! =D
I actually used just ACDC presets I found in the tonecloud but they all seem to be too gainy for the SG no matter what I do 😰
Hope you enjoy nevertheless 🤘💓

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5 WAYS to play AC/DC's THUNDERSTRUCK | Jassy J