Jassy J: NIRVANA - Come As You Are

Nirvana - Come As You Are - Album: Nevermind (1991) guitar cover by Jassy - JJ's One Girl Band
🔥 COVER FRIDAY 🔥 This is my cover of Nirvana's classic "Come As You Are"! As Kurt Cobain's death anniversary is just 5 days ago I thought I might upload this as a tribute to him. It's always tragic to see that people end their life - no matter in what way... The lyrics of "Come As You Are" are really haunting... pretty creepy.
It was a Patreon-Voted cover from last year but I really had some struggles with setting up the tone and yeah... also copyright matters. Seems to work now and I am pretty happy. I used a guitarless backingtrack without the original guitars, so all guitars you can hear are mine. 🤘💓 Hope you enjoy!

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NIRVANA - Come As You Are | GUITAR COVER 4K | Jassy J