Yoon Se Na: we are the world - Play @home

This is a relay video of musicians participating in the donation project of musicians against Corona 19. Badlamb's letter Hyo has been pointed to participate in the challenge! I am honored to participate in the challenge with respected musicians. I played Michael jackson -We are the world. The musicians I will be pointing out are singer Horan, guitarist Song Ji, or guitarist Seo Woo Seok! Thank you very much for your participation. Facebook donation page:


With Corona 19, I would like to give courage to everyone in the world who is in trouble. Named musicians record their performances or songs and performances in their homes, home studios, workshops, etc., upload them to their favorite social media such as YouTube, upload the link to Facebook, and register on the Facebook page of this campaign. In addition, three musicians are appointed and invited to play or sing. Those of you who have seen it will appreciate if you show your sincerity by donating to the UN Foundation. Musicians' rule 1) Recommended video length-2 minutes and 30 seconds of music (length without comment-Corona 19 cheering message after performance, nomination of musician 3 team) 2) Corona 19 song selection to match the mood 3) Wearing of performers mask (higher awareness) 4) Video production period after nomination-5 days 5) Direct donation of musicians-If you are nominated for a video production or cannot participate due to personal reasons, donate more than $ 10 in the name of a musician. do not have. There are no performances these days ... I want to give hope to so many people. Please join us ~. play @ home_musicians_against_corona_19 or simply play @ home is a relay donation project proposed by South Korean Musicians Hyun Jun Park and Ki Sung Sung. Designated musicians are requested to play or sing at his or her home studio, bedroom recording space,

michael jackson - we are the world (Guitar cover) Play @home against corona 19