Jassy J: LAMB OF GOD - Memento Mori

Lamb Of God - Memento Mori - Album: Lamb Of God - guitar cover by Jassy J 2020
LoG release their new album this friday June 19th! I want to celebrate that together with you guys with a Lamb Of God Week! Which means you get two guitar covers this week with two of their new songs!
Also I got a giveaway for you so carefully listen to the instructions I make at the end of my video! Because you can win one of three copies of Lamb Of God's new album!!! Isn't that awesome!
All you have to do is using the hashtag lambofgodbestriff and tell me what your favorite Lamb Of God Riff is and why!!!
The song is really hard for my tiny hands so I get tired and a bit more sloppy towards the end....

I used the original song and applied an EQ so that my guitars are clearly hearable!

TUNING: Drop D (yes, Drop D)

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Stay tuned and rock on!
Jassy J // JJ's One Girl Band

LAMB OF GOD - Memento Mori | Guitar Cover by Jassy J (2020)