Jassy J: SYSTEM OF A DOWN - Hypnotize

System Of A Down - Hypnotize - Album: Hypnotize - Guitar Cover with solo by Jassy J =)

"They disguise it, Hypnotize it.
Television made you buy it.[...]
Mesmerized the simple minded
Propaganda leaves us blinded."

I'm just sitting in my car and playing my guitar. I think the song has gained some relevance after recent events so this is why I decided to upload an actual guitar cover of Hypnotize by SOAD. The car video take isn't recorded audiowise - my Universal Audio Interface requires a power supply I don't have there but I wanted this shot in the video meaning-wise. Audio is recorded during the indoor shots.

I used a guitarless backingtrack so that all the guitars you hear are played by me!

Also: If you ever want me to to "Chop Suey" be sure to help my cover of "Toxicity" or this one getting 100K views ;)

Stay tuned and rock on!
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SYSTEM OF A DOWN - Hypnotize | Guitar Cover by Jassy J (2020)