Yvette Young: Covet - "farewell" (official video)

Covet "farewell" from the full length technicolor out now
stream or pick up a technicolor LP/CD https://smarturl.it/covetband

Directed by Tom Flynn & Mike Watts
Produced by Mike Watts & Frank Mitaritonna
PA: Robert Wagner
Hair/Makeup: Kat Dickenson, Jeanette Milo

Sherry Chen
Toby Driver
Brenden Castro
Carmen Sivakumaren
Angel Vivaldi
Joe Pallock
Connie Bermudez

Prom Goers:
Michael Schuler
Deanna See
James Hoffman
Owen Pierce von Mechow
Shae Leonas Isiah Hance
Quincy Britt
Ricardo Fortuna
Isabella Formes
Allan Salazar
Harold Farfan
Katherine Carrasco
Derek Adams
Micah J. Kistler
Zachary Collins
Brian Kestenbaum
Alex Nackley
Nate Calebaugh
Gage O'Brien
Nicholas Vallone
Cole Lindstrom
Brian Passafaro
Vince Briglia
Salina DeJesus
Christopher Lane
Erica Butts
Christian Butts

Hey - you're gonna be OK
You know that I'd take this one for you
I know it's hard to believe, but you're gonna make it through!
You just gotta take things day by day
Hey - we should run towards our fears (it's not like we have something to lose)
When your world is crashing down, you gotta hold onto something

I'm sentimental, but I'm ready to let go.

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Covet - "farewell" (official video)