Jassy J: Led Zeppelin - Kashmir | Guitar Cover

Led Zeppelin - Kashmir - Album: Physical Graffiti - Guitar Cover by Jassy
This is my very first Led Zeppelin guitar cover on this channel. As Led Zep is known to have strict copyright, I found a great guitar backingtrack with vocals and merged it together with a midi track. If you are missing Robert Plant's original voice but think you are hearing him... it's the great backingtrack. Whoever created it, it's amazing! Kashmir is one of the most well known songs ever and one of Led Zepplin's top songs! Who doesn't know this iconic Jimmy Page riff paired with an amazing orchestra? No wonder Kashmir was played live at nearly every Led Zeppeling concert!

I mixed and mastered the cover while using a guitarless backingtrack. All guitars you hear are played by me =)

Tuning: DADGAD

Stay tuned and rock on!
Jassy J // JJ's One Girl Band