Marina Krupkina: "Khorovod" - 10 string guitar original

Hi, my name is Marina and I play 10 string guitar also known as decacorde.

"Khorovod" is my original composition for 10 string guitar.
It was inspired by my fantasies about ancient pagan rituals of the Russian people. That is where the name of the piece comes from also.
Khorovod is an ancient folk circular mass ritual dance of the Eastern Slavs, known also in Eastern Poland, containing ritual mass game action, dance, singing and playing instruments.
That is why we've been shooting this video in the lap of Russian nature.
Actually, I was not trying to imitate anything or be authentic. It's how I personally see and feel it.
And I hope you'll enjoy immersion into my vision of pagan Khorovod..

"Khorovod" piece is included into my album "Decacorde Stories", here it the link for you to listen to it on any platform you use:

I use classical guitars strap by Michal Hromek: ; and PYRAMID strings.

Tuning here is: E B G D A G D C Ab G (but I play in A=415Hz)

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Sheet music+TAB:

"Khorovod" - 10 string guitar original - Marina Krupkina