Tory Slusher: Advanced Circus Music - Truth In Shredding Exclusive Interview

[Truth In Shredding]
I have been following guitar players since the late 70's from prog metal, through the Sharpnel era, post hair metal, post Seattle sound, post nu metal, and on into what I term "the second age of instrumental guitar". All that time jazz and fusion have been cruising along merrily, with new artists arriving, as the music output ebbs and flows, and the guitar players come and go.

The routes to follow the music have changed too, we’re no longer sharing tapes, or VHS videos. We’re no longer finding artists on a myriad horrible Flash websites. The old web has gone, replaced the web 2.0, a vast homogenised sea of social media channels. Over that time the bag of styles and techniques has changed, morphed and grown, the old techniques that used to excite the taste buds have been augmented with new more fiendish additions. Six was not enough, so more guitar strings were added, an ocean of gear was filled, and all these exciting tools added to the ever expanding artist's palette.

In 2004, I set about trying to document the scene. I was wondering what happened to the artists over the years, wanting to find new players, thinking there might be tens or low hundreds of players, but sixteen years later, knowing there are thousands of players, all across the globe, whose music captures the mind and inspires the soul.

It’s not a straightforward task to find new players now. I have to cast my net far and wide over facebook, instagram (difficult to do) and YouTube social platforms. More recently adding new video services from around the world, where the content that needs translation, but the universal language of musical output remains the same.

However, with diligent work comes reward, the joy of finding new players. The names change through the years, of recent times names like Matteo Mancuso, Ben Eunson, Josh Meader have arrived (full list withheld for fear of brain melt down). Only a few weeks ago I came across another player to add to my list, Tory Slusher. Tory possesses a significant amount of musical technique, but also compositional skills that turn your head and gladden the heart. Tory was good enough to assist providing an original tune

Tory Slusher: Dark Orchid - homage to late 80's / early 90's fusion
After the video came a more in depth interview to find out what makes this incredible musician tick. So first of all, I asked Tory for a little background.

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