Elise Trouw: Guitar Girl Interview Winter NAMM 2020

Emily Wolfe: Violent Veins - 2/10/2020 - Paste Studio NYC - New York, NY

Debbie Acenas, Rachel G: 99 Red Balloons - Goldfinger / Nena Cover

Melody Angel: Best Gift Ever! | Melody Angel Live @Buddy Guy's Legends

Nita Strauss, Courtney Cox: NAMM 2020 Boss Trooper

Courtney Cox, Nikki Stringfield: The Iron Maidens Still Life, Wasted Years, Only The Good Die Young - Live 2020

Emily Hastings: noodling some Blues Licks

Tatiana Pará: Mad Professor Loud' n Proud

Jackie Venson: after her performance at the Gibson Showroom Winter NAMM 2020

Courtney Cox, Hisako Osawa: Paradise Kitty - Count's Vamp'd Rock Bar. Las Vegas October 2019

Debbie Acenas, Rachel G: Highlights @ Count's Vamp'd - Las Vegas

Juliana Wilson: QUEEN - Bohemian Rhapsody

Sarah Longfield: Cycles - February Album Writing Month #4)

Lecia Louise: jamming 'Stratus' with Craig Kickbush and Matt Skea.

Marie Sans: Andante Sostenuto from the Sonata 2

Samantha Fish: Louisville Street Faire, Louisville, CO - 2019 - Jim Manternach

Tomoko Tanaka: with "Sapporo Chuck Berry Rock 'n' Roll Band" 2010 Otaru

Sarah JoAnne Draper: Performing at the Neural DSP Booth NAMM Show 2020

Sierra Hull: Full Set Live at Americanafest in Nashville, Tn 2019 #jaminthevan

Miku, Kanami: Band-Maid - The Dragon Cries

Mango Maria: Black Magic Woman - Santana (Cover)

Romana Kalkuhl, Sonia Nusselder: Burning Witches - 'Dance with The Devil' Vol. 1

Rose Cora Perry: The Truth Untold - Other Side of the Story

Kanami, Rei: Band-Maid Kanami vs Rei Round 1 and 2

Constance Antoinette Day,Natalie Nova: and many more - Gritty in Pink - Valentines Event to Celebrate Women in Music 2020