Sonia Pinkboots, Inés Cortés: Lädies Crüe (mötley Crüe Cover)

Jéssica Falchi: Pantera - Cemetery Gates

Sarah JoAnne Draper: One on One: Sarah Draper of Anchor Thought

Kells Choy: Intervals - Slight of hand

Erin Coburn: Tour Announcement

Grace Constable: Little Maggie feat. Jake Workman

Ocean, Ren : Wyattx - Highway Star | New Video 2020

Soyul: dragon ball z op cha-la head-cha-la

Lari Basílio: Funk guitar ideas (w/ Polaron by Seymour Duncan)

Federica Golisano: Paganini Caprice No. 24 - Dr.Viossy Metal Version

Juna Serita: The Tiny Voice ( Live ) -

Sus Vásquez: PickUp x She Shreds

Arianna Powell: performs her song 'Blue Jackets'

Lindsey Lomis: Pickup Live Session

Sophie Guiliani: performs Anastasia #SongSquad

Leticia Filizzola: Heartbreaker + neosoul fingerstyle... Ibanez JSM100

Mia Garcia: performs her song "Mononoke"

Claire Genoud: Back In Black (Solo) - Live in Norway

Orianthi: Interview | Alice Cooper, Michael Jackson, RSO | Thomann