Marcela Campos: Mercy, Mercy, Mercy Live at Silvana (Feb 14th 2020)

Lari Basílio: Acoustic, it's been a while...

Jess Lewis: S🍊me Guitar

Andressa Marques: Mouxi - Guns n Roses - November Rain

Leticia Filizzola: Emotive ballad - Jess Lewis (Guthrie Govan)

Becky Baldwin: The World Is Mine - Fury

Keilla Rezende: Way Maker - Bethel Music

Lexy Wicked: Bluesy Jam - Lexy Quarantine

Dominique Ruiz: Bohemian Rhapsody Solo

Yes Eun Yeo: wave chaos - Jeongduk Dongduk Women's University Practical Music

Magda Azzilonna: my progressive rock guitar solo with Stefano Angiulli

Jackie Venson: Playing the Blues in Rainy Times Square

Julia Smith: Guitar Beat Improv |

Iree, Choi Hyun Jung: Delight - Demo - Rolling Quartz (롤링쿼츠) and live stream performance

Marina Krupkina: Time ("Decacorde Stories" album)

Mona Wagner, Lisa Wagner: While My Guitar Gently Weeps - MonaLisa Twins

Min Jin: MJ민진 - instrumental Oasis-Don't Look Back In Anger

Yujin Heo: 허유진 Itzy - Wannabe

Electrica: Green day - she (guitar cover)

Shani Kimelman: Van Halen - Little Dreamer Guitar Solo

Sophie Lloyd: How to Play Faster | 3 Notes per String Scale

Elena Verrier: Deicide - Homage For Satan

Hisako Ozawa: Hit Me With Your Best Shot and more

Loida Liuzzi: Cause We`ve Ended As A Lovers and more

Emily Wolfe: Paste Studio NYC live from The Manhattan Center

Natalia Cerro: "Threw me to the wolves" Jared James Nichols solo cover

Yein Kim: Slapping on 'k.K. House' [animal Crossing]

Bailey Ehrgott: Kenny Burrell's solo on "Light Blue" and more