Sanae Kitano: The Trooper + Aces High

A. Von Hell: UNDEAD - Existential Horror (Guitar playthrough)

Natalia Argüello: Always With Me, Always With You - Live at Jazz Cafe Costa Rica 2013

Claire Lamb: DIMMU BORGIR: "Kings of the Carnival Creation"

Loida Liuzzi: Cuarentena 3 Loi y Loi

YoYo: Guitar Show Time Amazing Guitarist!!

Li-sa-X: Show Time 2019 Shanghai

Kyo Fujisaki: #Versailles #Jupiter #HIZAKI

Erin Coburn: Angel from Montgomery

Sonia Nusselder: W.A.S.P. - Wild Child

Jessica Kaline: Fe Fi Fo Funk - Frank Gambale (theme)

Simge Arda: Nihavend Longa

Sam Lynch: Darkest Places (Live)

Erja Lyytinen, Jennifer Batten: Snake in the Grass - Live 2019

Aleacai: Stratovarius Stratosphere Cover Guitar

Bruna Tsuruda: All Along The Watchtower

Mina Taicho: FATE GEAR Live in London 7 years ago

Alla Grace Tarabrina: The Witcher OST - Toss A Coin To Your Witcher

Sydney Ellen: Having trouble getting bends to sound good?

Becky Baldwin: Bigger Than Me, Don't Touch - Hands off Gretel

Haruka Noma: Asterism - Enter Sandman + Kill The King

Flavia Messinese: #IoRestoACasaGuitarChallengeDV Mark, MusicOff, Ciro Manna

Noelle dos Anjos: My Guitar Setup for Live Streaming!

Nishat Anjum: Rammstein - Du Hast

Saima Zakir: Juke Box Hero' and 'Whole Lotta Love'

Julia Volkonskaya: Open Road solo