Cristina Pena: Fusion Funk Solo

Nishat Anjum: Lamb of God- Omerta (Guitar Cover)

Sophie Burrell: JUMP - Van Halen

Sonia Nusselder: COBRA SPELL - Poison Bite

Mary N: G.O.A.T. + The Worst + Movies

Jess Lewis: Biréli live solo transcription Donna Lee

Alyona Vargasova: Spiral River of Light (original song)

Hana Lee: Blues Challenge

Soomnee: 숨니 The police - Message in a bottle

Adva Hay: A little Tribute to Eddie Van Halen

Rie a.k.a. Suzaku: World Journey CD Release

Sophie Lloyd: My Struggle With Performance Anxiety & Self Doubt

Francisca Brunel: Physical Education- Animals As Leaders

Nicole Papastavrou: Kallias | the Beginning | Studio Interview with Zaki Ali

Flavia Messinese: Dewey Square - Kurt Rosenwinkel Solo Transcription

Abby Clutario: Eddie Van Halen Tribute - Dreams by Van Halen

Talita Yera: Always with me

Melanie Celine: Pink Floyd - Time solo

Maru Martinez, Sarah Draper, Cait Devin: JST Ladies Of Metal

Shani Kimelman: Mr. Big - What If We Were New

Helena Kotina: Death - Lack of comprehension

Jassy J: Phobia - Original Song | Oversense

Merel Bechtold: I Started a New Band

Emily Hastings: Sweet Child O' Mine + Love You to Death

Reina: Roselia "Sanctuary"

Anna Sentina: The Weeknd - Blinding Lights

Carina Alfie: The show must go on

Rachel G: Wasted Years - Iron Maiden

Phoenix van der Weyden: Vega Trem VT1 Ultra - Performance

Aleacai: Avenged Sevenfold So Far Away