Jassy J: 10 Children Of Bodom RIFFS | Tribute to Alexi Laiho

This one is for Alexi 'Wildchild' Laiho. Rest easy, legend, idol, guitar hero 🖤
Like for many others Alexi Laiho has been a person I looked up to. Thanks to Children Of Bodom I discovered a heavier side of metal and got into complex guitar techniques. I never did a guitar cover of COB as I always had huge respect for Alexi's playing and whenever I was learning a Children Of Bodom song as a beginner back in the days, I gave up way too quickly.
As many of you asked - and I also felt like I had to do a tribute - here are ten iconic Children Of Bodom guitar riffs for you guys - not a Top 10 neccessarily ! We are looking at some classics such as Downfall, Are You Dead Yet?, Needled 14/7 , Angels Don't Kill and many more! Nevertheless I lack accuracy and this riff list isn't as "on point" like others, but I tried my best!
Rest in peace, Alexi. You will be missed but never forgotten! Thank you so much for all the inspiration.

#1 - In Your Face - 0:00
#2 - Are You Dead Yet? - feels wrong... - 0:43
#3 - Angels Don't Kill - 1:15
#4 - Downfall - 1:38
#5 - Needled 24/7 - 2:13
#6 - Hate Me! - 2:24
#7 - Bed Of Razors - 2:34
#8 - Kissing The Sadows - 3:02
#9 - Bodom After Midnight - 3:25
#10 - Living Dead Beat - 3:32

All guitars played and recorded by me obviously.

10 Children Of Bodom RIFFS | Tribute to Alexi Laiho