Saki: with Frédéric Leclerc: AMAHIRU Hours + WTTP

AMAHIRU, a cross-border miracle super project by SAKI [Mary's Blood / NEMOPHILA] and Frederik Leclerc [former DragonForce / current creator], has finally started! From the new album "AMAHIRU" released on November 27th, the music video for the 1st pre-release song "Hours" has been released! It is time for SAKI (Mary's Blood / NEMOPHILA) and Frédéric Leclercq (Kreator, Ex-Dragonforce), to launch their miraculous cross-border project, AMAHIRU! From AMAHIRU's new album “AMAHIRU”, out on November 27th, their 1st track “ Hours ”music video is proudly released! AMAHIRU special site

AMAHIRU - "Hours" Music Video

AMAHIRU- "WTTP" Music Video