Tory Slusher: DropStrap demo, *must see

Here's some Funk Rock Fusion thing that I came up with to demo the DropStrap they sent over. I'm basically going back and forth between a nice overdriven lead and some clean, two-handed keyboard style polyphony.
*note - pay no attention to the Wiley Coyote dream door in the sky...
The backgrounds came royalty free courtesy of vidmeo

DropStrap demo, *must see

This is just a quick demo that shows you how to do "behind the nut bends" on a Strandberg. Maybe some country players hesitate to buy a Sälen because they like this technique so much... Well, no need to worry, there is a substitute!

"Behind the Nut" bends on a Strandberg? How?! #strandberg​ #salen