Laura Klinkert: I love Dunlop Strings!

Laura Klinkert: Chill - Coffee Break Groves

Laura Klinkert: endorses Jim Dunlop Guitar Products

Laura Klinkert: fusion improvisations - classy soloing over a backing track

Laura Klinkert: Blues Mutations 2 - Guthrie Govan

Anouck André, Laura Klinkert: Gruv Gear NAMM 2014

Laura Klinkert: Online and personalized guitar lessons - learn from a cool player

Laura Klinkert: time for some phasing and long and clean notes

Anouck André,Laura Klinkert: Gruv Gear jam NAMM 2014

Yasi Hofer: Official Announcement: here is the winner of the Docker's Guild's 2014 Female Guitarist Competition.

News: Docker's Guild female guitarist competition update - finalists selected

Laura Klinkert: available for guitar lesson tuition

Laura Klinkert: Metalcore Guitar Solo

Laura Klinkert: working on some demo video with Stephallen Guitars

Laura Klinkert: Shred Session with She Shreds & Tom Tom Magazine NAMM 2014

Laura Klinkert, Anouck André: jam in the Gruv Gear booth at NAMM 2014

Laura Klinkert, Rebecca Scammon, Amy Schugar, Irene Ketikidi, Annie Grunwald,Nicole Papastavrou: namm snaps being posted

Anouck André, Laura Klinkert, Irene Ketikidi: announce GRUV GEAR NAMM appearance!

Laura Klinkert: New guitar improvisation posted on soundcloud

Laura Klinkert: endorse the 24-0 with an AK47 guitar!