Mimi: Billie Jean solo- Michael Jackson

Mimi: Soloing on Groovy R&B Track + Trying it with a Wah and Phaser

Mimi: Texas Blues/Surf Rock Riff (Original) by Mimi

Mimi: Silky Smooth- Original Solo

Mimi: That Blues Groove

Mimi: Cold Shot- Stevie Ray Vaughan (cover)

Mimi: walking bass + Cold shot + Funk Groove

Mimi: No Quarter + Good Love Is On the Way + Texas Blues Shuffle Riff

Mimi: Pride and Joy solo- SRV + A day in the life - Jeff Beck

Mimi: Couldn't Stand the Weather- Stevie Ray Vaughan (cover)

Mimi: plays Belief solo

Mimi: plays New Light solo (John Mayer)