Samantha Fish: live performance from Beauvais 2017

Samantha Fish: The Hurt's All Gone Live on BRI TV

Jaci Lynn: gets brought on stage and shows John 5 how to really shred.

Zabrena: Cheap Dupe for Winged Eyeliner | 55¢ Guitar Pic?

Mohini Dey: MALADEY - Mayones Basses with Federico Malaman - Bassolicious

Saya Gray: "Yatra Ta" Bass Cover - Bassolicious

Katalina González: Concert at the Gilberto Alzate Avendano, festival center 2017

Zukky: Metallica Enter Sandman cover 弾いてみた。

Yui, MiYU: RAMI release of the long-awaited live DVD "Aspiration Tour 2016 ~Live at duo MUSIC EXCHANGE

Lari Basílio: Opening the Brazilian Tour for Paul Gilbert 2014