Monday, 20 October 2014

Paulitchas Carregosa, Isa Nielsen: Detonator and The Muses in the Metal Studio 2014

Detonator and The Muses in the Metal Studio 2014 showlivre
by showlivre 7 videos 35 minutes
Detonator, The Muses accompanied d'Metal, presents his first solo album Folklore Metal: The uproar Never Ends ..., Live in Studio showlivre, on October 7, 2014.

Detonator and The Muses in the Metal Studio 2014 showlivre

Nita Strauss,Amanda Somerville,Elize Ryd: extra guitar duties and vocalists announced for Dockers Guild Release

Lots of updates this month!

1. Changes in the lineup with the expansion of Nita Strauss's role on guitars and the introduction of brand new drummer Elisa Montin from Italy

2. Amanda Somerville (Avantasia) announces her participation on the album

3. Elize Ryd (Amaranthe) announces her participation on the album

Docker's Guild - Book A: special guest Amanda Somerville on vocals

Vanessa Izabella: guitargirlmag Interview

It was a chance meeting at a pub in the Virginia Highlands neighborhood of Atlanta, GA. As I was sitting at the bar, I overheard a couple next to me chatting about their recording session. After hearing her talking about playing the guitar, I politely introduced myself and Guitar Girl Magazine to the girl sitting next to me.

As it turns out, Vanessa Izabella is the powerhouse female behind the Atlanta based trio BAST. With powerful vocals, superb guitar skills, and an impressive background in the music industry, Vanessa is a force to be reckoned with. As a graduate of Berklee College of Music, Vanessa was a winner in the Gibson Guitars SG Gal competition and a finalist for Beyonce’s all-girl band.

BAST is currently finalizing their EP, has recently signed with a management company, and preparing for a great end to 2014 - gearing up to a fast start in 2015.

Vanessa chatted with us about her background in music, her first guitar, working with Pat Metheny, competing for the lead guitar spot with Beyonce's all-girl band, and her new music with BAST.

Read the full interview

Taylor George: Unskinny Bop - just learned

Unskinny Bop
Taylor George
This is the first riff I ever learned before Back in Black, Smoke on the Water, Iron Man, Godzilla or The Ocean. Decided to play it for fun - took about 20 minutes to learn. I know I am not a big fan of 80s hair bands but fun tune.

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Issabelth van Volfiress: Ensiferum- "Twilight Tavern"

Finally something new!
I hope you're going to enjoy that :D
Let me know what do you think!
Original song made by ENSIFERUM- "Twilight Tavern".
I do not own any rights to this song, this is only a cover.
GUITAR: B.C.Rich Warlock
AUDIO: Line6 POD XT Live
VIDEO: Nokia Lumia 1020
Born 1994

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Ensiferum- "Twilight Tavern" guitar cover by Iss


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