Friday, 24 October 2014

Monica Valli: demos Teye Coyote and Fender Telecaster guitars

Here's what you can do with this awesome guitar. If you want to buy this guitar go to or email Thanks for listening.

1973 Fender TELECASTER Deluxe

Teye Coyote Prototype #2

Julie Slick: Drift - Pigtronix Bass Station and Infinity Looper

Julie Slick - "Drift"
Video by Simon Yu

Performance notes from Julie Slick:

I was using the Bass Station as the first pedal in my chain, and I always use compression, so that was engaged the entire time. I also use the boost switch as a quick way to play a louder line over the loops (engaged at 1:03), which I was creating with the Infinity Looper. Speaking of the Infinity Looper, I create the first loop (before the video actually starts), and then I have the second loop set up to record 2x the length of the first (0:49) and it automatically stops recording me after two bars (0:56), as you can see by the LED above the second loop, which changes from a steady red to green. I leave these two loops running during the verse, and I play the bass line in real time over them, then I cut out the second loop for each chorus (rather than leaving it trail or fade out mode). In the second verse, I engage the bass envelope phaser (3:29) as I change the bass line. Basically I weave the second loop in and out, and add layers to it towards the end of the song (after 4:56). In the end, I close out with the Fat Drive (6:30), and cut the first loop off with the live bass.

Julie Slick plays "Drift" using Pigtronix Bass Station and Infinity Looper with Eventide Space

Grainne Duffy: Wunderbar Weite Welt in Eppstein

Gráinne Louica Duffy is an Irish singer-songwriter from Castleblayney, Co. Monaghan, Ireland. All Access Magazine described her music as a "powerhouse of soul and inspiration mixed with desire and passion".[1] Her Success has led her to play 3 days on the Acoustic Stage at Glastonbury Festival 2008, UK.[2] and Blues on the Bay Festival 2008 in Warrenpoint, Northern Ireland, which has been twice headlined by Van Morrison.[3] Grainne Duffy has opened for many major acts including Robben Ford,[4] Dino Baptiste,[5] Shawn Jones[6] and The Yardbirds.[7] Her tracks have also made it on many BBC Radio Ulster playlists including Alan Simpson's Playlist,[8] Late Show with Cherrie[9] as well as the blog of BBC Presenter Stuart Bailie.[10] Grainne Duffy has also been asked to record Oleta Adams' Get Here if you Can for the BBC in George Martin's renowned Air Studios in London.

Grainne Duffy @ Wunderbar Weite Welt in Eppstein

Daniela Luisvillarr,Paulina Luisvillarr, Alejandra Luisvillarr: Enter Sandman - The Warning

The Warning
Daniela - Guitar - 14 yrs old
Paulina - Drums - 12 yrs old
Alejandra - Bass Guitar - 9 yrs old

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Enter Sandman - METALLICA Cover - The Warning

Thursday, 23 October 2014

Divaldi Addina: No Boundaries Speed kill- at Mall Margo City.

The Video was taken on Sunday 19 / 2014.
Live at Suzuki event- Shoping Mall Margo City - Depok.

Divaldi Addina: No Boundaries Speed kill- at Mall Margo City.


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