Adunbee: Dee - Randy Rhoads

Miranda Miller, Rena Lovelis: Hey Violet - interview - Rena and Miranda

Željana Jerić: Omis guitar fest 2017.´Three Microfantasies´ (I.)

Kanami, Miku: Band-Maid - new track Choose me and new World Tour 2017

Luna Lee: Guns N' Roses- Don't Cry Gayageum

Simona Sansovini: Sultans of Swing Solo 1 - Dire Straits

Machisma Militia: announces auditions for female musicians to perform in a live concert

Sylvia Greenstein: playing 1955 Gibson J-50 here at Norman's Rare Guitars

Angela Petrilli: playing our 1908 Martin Style 42 here at Norman's Rare Guitars