Juno DeVere: Bombshell RVA perform Bark at the Moon

Beatriz Sousa: intervals - By Far And Away

Emily Barone: Master of Puppets Solo

Electrica: Amon Amarth - Raise Your Horns Guitar Cover

Elena Verrier: The Faceless - Pestilence

Fah Rada: Dream Theater - As I Am

Marina Krupkina: Mamma Mia - teaser (Marina's Decacorde)

Sakura Yoshida: Impellitteri / 17th Chicken Pickin

Yuki: D_Drive new single 'Begin Again'

Kanon: [Accent] Live streaming live! vol.11

Lorena Braco: All of Me + A day in the life + Upa Neguinho

Meliani Siti Sumartini: Lamb of God - Hourglass cover 2020 with STL AmpHub

Reina: "Promise" by Zigzag, a group of new heaven and earth.

JUNNA: Ashes of the Dawn / DragonForce - Drum cover

Elisa Morelli: Motörqueens 7er Club Mannheim, 20200926

Andressa Marques: Mouxi #SGTGUITARCONTEST

Loida Liuzzi: Castle made Of Sands

Lari BasĂ­lio: plays Joe Satriani's "All For Love"

Yoshi, Toki: Aldious / Luft + Eversince - 10th Anniversary No Audience Live 2020

Saki,Hazuki: SHOW-YA I played "Watashi Wa Arashi" + "FAIRY"

Yana Kokh: Led Zeppelin - Whole Lotta Love solo

Yasi Hofer: Speidlerhaus Baienfurt - 18.09.2020

Tora Dahle AagÄrd: signature guitar - Pre-order - Only 10 guitars available !

Maria Barbieri: Echoes - Pink Floyd At Pompeii - A Short Extract