Desirée Lux: Way Out - Original Song

Desiree Ragoza: Kansas - Carry On Wayward Son - Guitar Cover

Jassy J: Iron Maiden - Hallowed Be Thy Name

Dominique Ruiz: Wanted Dead Or Alive Intro Bon Jovi

Yana Kokh: Derek and The Dominos / Eric Clapton - Layla cover by Yana #Shorts

Joanne Shaw Taylor: Behind The Blues - The Making of The Blues Album Part 3

Midori Tatematsu, Miyako Watanabe: Lovebites / Set The World On Fire

Jackie Parry, Jessica Parry: Dianthus - Live at the Tiki Bar

Lindsey Stirling: Flame Of Hope: Tales of Arise

Jasmin Wong: Polyphia - Crush (Bass Cover)

Melissa Evila: Carcass "Heartwork" + The B.A. Sisters "Going In Circles"

Marion Gaillard: what about us (electric guitar)

Francesca Mancini: Chaos Rising - Cost of inaction + Sudden Death - The Right To Kill (STL Tones plug-in) +

Isabela Moriki: Cannibal Corpse - Frantic Disembowelment

Simone van Straten: Suffocation - Blood Oath