Sophie Lloyd: Iron Maiden - Fear of the Dark - Shred It

Mohini Dey: Bass Solo

Sadie Johnson: Done + Going Down

Marina Krupkina: 5 minutes of my new tune - Marina's Decacorde

Courtney Cox: CCShred Iron Maiden "Sea of Madness" solo + King Diamond- HALLOWEEN collab

Yvette Young: Guitar Stories Live #56

Gretchen Menn: Song for George

Noelle dos Anjos: My First Time Screaming Live!

Alizee Defan: YouTube stops Alizee from supporting female musicians

Erja Lyytinen: Live @ Harmonie Bonn Germany 2021


Heana Cat Hiroko: Sometimes different

Sakura Sasaki: I tried a new model with a twin guitar

Lisa Reed: Miley Cyrus Midnight Sky Guitar Cover

Lexi Rose: Fight Fire with Fire Solo