Gritty In Pink: Gritty In Pink Live 2021-07-08 photos by Jack Lue Jack Lue

Rolling Quartz 롤링쿼츠 / Bad Romance (Lady Gaga, Halestorm)

Paula Carregosa: The best SLAYER RIFF

Anthi Bozoviti: My first improvisation

Tory Slusher: Arranging for Solo Guitar

Alyona Vargasova: Neon Genesis Evangelion Opening

Jackie Parry, Jessica Parry: Dianthus - NASHVILLE

Narin Kim: Furch Vintage 3 OMC-SR Demo 김나린

Yvette Young: Telling a Story/Painting a Picture with a Melody

Melanie Celine: Solo over „Not Meant To Be"

Emily Barone: All I Want is To Be With You

Yuki: Digital Paradise / Edge of Paradise

Chen Siyi: 2020 Ibanez flying fingers

Lari Basilio: Exploring Analog Delay

Andrea Krakovská: I love Rock n' Roll + Rosanna + Building the Church