Heike Matthiesen: Studies on Spanish Themes

Emma Rush: Toccata in Blue

Anna Portalupi: Hard Rocking Bassist for Hardline

Ana Popovic: ANA full live show

Lari Basilio: Walking by faith

Heike Matthiesen: Phantasy about themes from Mozart

Lita Ford: PsychoBabbleTV and Bravewords interview

Lzzy Hale: WGRD interveiw

News: we are looking for talented female guitar players!

Jewels: Veil of Maya - Conquer cover

The Commander-In-Chief: kicks off her cooperation with MusicPledge!

Mira Fana: Megadeth She Wolf guitar solo

Simona Malandrino: Last Minute - original

Michelle Meldrum: Lifer the posthumous release from Michelle

News: Purple Haze - The Female guitarists in the radio

Jace Parales: Guitar nerd extending techniques

Mira Fana: Megadeth or bust!

The Commander In Chief: gets an Audix endorsement

Klara Force, Mia Coldheart: Crucified Barbara - midnight chase

Nili Brosh: appears with Tony Franklin and Jeff Young's music without boundaries

Nili Brosh: available for Skype lessons

Nili Brosh,Gretchen Menn, Jelena Kiric: Jason Becker's birthday bash.

Gretchen Menn: get the cover again!

Laurie Morvan: Blues guitar playing girl living in a man's world

Nili Brosh,Jelena Kiric: Jason Becker road trip

Abby Clutario: Fuseboxx - stick tapping

Ludmila Oliveira: two handed - Portrait for Missy

Laura V Bustillos: LA Valvet

Eita: Tapping In Pink

Kumi Adachi: AK-1 Distortion pedal demo

Lita Ford: Acoustic Vintage Vinyl in Ford 2012

Simona Malandrino: hot cat from Catania, Italy

Ana Popovic: live date at the Iridium announced

Tiffany Twisted: Killswitch Engage, My Curse

Nita Strauss: Consume The Fire - Dead Man Walking

Susan Tedeschi,Derek Trucks: George Wein Interviews

Jane Getter: Three - the new ablum

Grace Maiden,D Mercedes: Judas Priestess interview

Jane Smith: Fuzz Pedal Giveaway

Nili Brosh: adds Virgil Donati to up coming release!