Lizzy Black: Horizon Devices #dreamrigsolocontest

Sylwia Urban, Barbara Prążyńska : Phosphere - Uneven - new band

Lourdes Aramburu: jamming at a fancy dress party

Hedvika Švendová: W. Muthspiel - Drei Tonspiele - 1. movement

Nanae Fujiwara: The First Noel, instrumental - starting to feel a lot like Christmas

Böse Fuchs: Emigrate - Eat You Alive - 1.000.000 total view special number 3

Sonia Nusselder: My Top 10 Favourite Technical Deathmetal Albums Ever!

Jaden Carlson: Live Band - Be On Key, Denver, 2017

Jace Parales: Binary Sunset - the force is strong in this one.

Vanesa Harbek: Killing Floor - Balcon de Blues - Argentina