Juliana Vieira: My #JamStyle of New Rules by Dua Lipa,

Tash Wolf: Funky Blues - Jammin out!

Julie Fajhtinger: Julie & The Diamonds - CONCERT (Gajševsko jezero) - Best moments

Emmelie Herwegh: Performing DEAD END LIFE with Dr. Living Dead!

Nili Brosh: "Lost In Suburbia" Improv Solo

Jennifer Batten: Breakfast Of Champions NAMM 2018

Böse Fuchs: VanValia - Multi camera guitar covers

Shirin Siavashi: Van Halen "Somebody Get Me A Doctor" solo

Jennifer James, Jassy J: BLINK 182 - All The Small Things

Freyja Asynjur: neoclassical guitar exercises in the style of Children of Bodom

Adna Mahic: Oriental Improvisation on a Silent Guitar

Anouck André: Guthrie Govan: My Favorite Melodic Lick (w/tabs)